There’s no doubt about it.
You are awake.

You probably felt these changes in society’s consciousness coming through yoga, increased intuition, hearing from your spirit guides, and improved self-care and wellness.

You were probably praying, envisioning, or setting intentions for it!

Whether you’ve been waiting a long time for earth school to “get it,” you had a sudden, transformative experience that blew you wide open, or you suddenly heard your guides say, “it’s time…”

You, my friend, are awake.
You are an Awakened Soul.

You are in the process of embracing your soul purpose, healing this life and others, and fulfilling your purpose to make the world a better place.

Yes, you are awake…

You have taken instructional courses, undergone many healings and trainings, and had tons of spiritual experiences. When you see other healers or entrepreneurs step up, there is a feeling of joy! The world is shifting!

AND There is an aching feeling. Where is my place in all this?

You are awake and ablaze with a desire to do ONLY what you love, and to support others with your unique gifts but somehow that awakened state hasn’t crossed over to your business, career, or creativity.

You are this wild soul, this generous heart with an aching need to live, create, and FULLY LIVE YOUR CALLING!

And something has been stopping you.
Some story that has been hard to shake.

A desire to be free, SO free that any idea of a business structure makes you roll your third eye and gag a little. You can’t imagine having a schedule or being a CEO!

An old vow or subconscious belief that money is bad and therefore only for the bad, selfish, elitist folks in the world. It’s the starving artist/spiritual teacher archetype keeping abundance away.

A deep-seated belief that what you have to offer is not needed, or won’t be understood by the world. You are experiencing the visionary’s dilemma!

A paradigm that states that “following the rules” in the world will allow you to succeed, when at heart, you are a rule breaker!

A fear that your sensitive nature will not be able to fight it out in a competitive market and that you will be overwhelmed with failure—or success—leaving immobilized in sensitivity limbo!

Worst of all, maybe you think you are making all this “woo woo” stuff up, it doesn’t have legs and though you have “a great imagination” it will only leave you in the poorhouse or lost in the spiritual labyrinth, or both. Doubting Thomas or Terese, you are caught up in that back and forth that won’t let you move forward with your dreams!

Are you ready to change these limiting beliefs?

These are only a few of the limiting beliefs that thousands of clients (and I) have experienced. There are many more!

  • Being awake doesn’t automatically mean you know what to do and how to do it, it is however, a powerful motivator TO GET THE TOOLS YOU NEED so you can live the life you signed-up to live on a soul level.
  • Being awake both motivates you and leaves you so dissatisfied with the status quo THAT YOU MUST FIND A WAY to live in alignment. Through my tears, I used to always tell my Mami, “I don’t know how but this is all coming together! But I’m not giving up!”
  • Because guess what Awakened Soul? If you are down here on earth school, you are also one BRAVE being, and your calling doesn’t go away. You may press the snooze button, but energetically YOU ARE BEING CALLED.
  • The truth is, if you are a sensitive and an intuitive, regular business training may not hit the mark.
  • Another truth is that while transcendent ceremonies and intention-setting may attract opportunities, it won’t do you any actual physical good without follow up because you need structure to keep the flow going!
  • The truth is you need soulful AND practical business guidance!

Introducing the Awakened Soul Biz Process

The clearest way to build a soul-aligned business you can live and thrive with, without losing your mind, integrity, or bank account.

I have created something that is based on my own process. We will be working with energy medicine, spiritual technology, and practical know-how through the energy system called chakras to face fears, uncover our purpose, the form it’s taking, and the steps needed to start creating it!

Depending on where you are as you begin this journey, you can dip your toe in or take a deep dive.

WARNING: The Awakened Soul Biz program will change your life. Smile. And, I predict, you will love what you create!

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