Vanessa’s Story

My Story

Creating under duress can be a soul-building exercise

It was for me and part of my work is to support YOU so you don’t have to walk my path! I started doing professional readings and reiki healing at 22, and hypnosis at 27, but I didn’t come out as a professional healer until a decade later. Now, I am going on my fourth year running a full-time online business. This work is my bread and butter, my filet mignon, and my heart and soul. I feel blessed.

My first four-week program was launched through tears and faith: I had recently been laid off, undergone major surgery, lived through a breakup, recovered from MRSA, and finally, I survived a car accident that by any account should have injured me seriously—if not worse.

What I did next was to sit down and follow the process that I will share with you through the Awakened Soul Biz program. With that I created Intuition Immersion and made $5,000 with no ads, opt-ins, or launches, a tiny mailing list and no network of supportive entrepreneurs.

But that gave me enough to keep moving forward to launch a nine-month, $9,000 program, called Urban Priestess Mastery, for a small group of women. Following that I created my current signature program, Intuitive Leverage, an eight-week intuition bootcamp for men and women, at $500-600 per student. The Fall 2016 round it will be the sixth one! Each group is capped it at 20 people to be able to support students. I also train people in the Soul Journeys Akashic Records Certification program, coach people in a four-month, one-on-one program, and I offer Akashic Records readings and healing hypnosis. I’ve taught online, in person, and at retreats in beautiful location in Panama and Costa Rica!

Through all the work I do, I support people with clarity, healing, and training so they can connect to their own intuition and do what they do in the world: shine!

How did it happen?

I don’t have an MBA.
I’m not a Kardashian.
I wasn’t a media darling.
I didn’t really know the right people.
My list wasn’t big.
I didn’t have tons of $$$$ to spend on creations or promotions or biz training.
I had to break through so many limiting beliefs and fears before that fateful car crash in 2012.

I was like many of you. I knew at a young age that I was here to make a difference. So I served wherever I was, even working in the corporate world and the arts. What that meant was that I got plenty of in-the-trenches training in patience and discipline. And I got lots of abuse too.

I have come from being bit of a doormat, held down by fear, past life paradigms, and financial stress. For many years, I did what I loved—offering healing guidance and support—for free. Even when I began to charge, I did so at a pretty low rate and in a scattered way. Along the way, I held free healing circles in NYC from 1999-2009 to support my community.

By all accounts, I was a community healer and known as the go-to in my neighborhood:

Baby not turning? Get hypnosis with Vanessa!
Feeling disconnected? Join her monthly healing circles!
Lost or confused? Book an intuitive or tarot reading.
Blocked in your love life? Get your energetic healing & hypnosis on!

I was between two worlds, literally and figuratively! Caught between corporate and healing, earthly and spiritual! Working this way only half of the time was not right or my particular calling—full time it was to be.

So, on that day as I held myself in place while the car tumbled several times down a hill—it was 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan calendar—I kept talking to my guides and asking to be pulled out of my body gently. I even asked, “Is it really over? I have so much to do still!!!!?”

What I heard was, “You are ok. All is ok. You are not hurt.” And folks, with no seatbelt, a blown out tire, and at the bottom of an embankment, I had only a small black and blue on my right arm. I like to think an Angel pushed me against my seat in that exact spot!

As I crawled out of the crash, I heard, “Time do do what you were born to do, FULL ON.”

With no real funds, my part-time business at a stand still, recovering from surgery (unrelated to the crash) against all “better judgement,” I took the leap! I never returned to corporate again.

I used what I will share with you, which goes beyond money, time, connections, know-how, and all the things we tell ourselves to stay in place. And with it, I created a self-supporting, location-free life.

It’s not always glamorous (but, it can be at times—Panama!) I’m not rich but I have a staff. I travel and work from anywhere and best of all, I DO WHAT I LOVE, HOW I LOVE, and WITH WHOM I LOVE!

Because let me tell you, I only attract people who are ready. There is no pulling or tugging. You are in, I am in. Let’s go!

The truth, now, looking back is that I was afraid to step into my power. I knew it would change me life: ALL OF IT.

And it did. As it will change yours.

  • What if you trusted your intuition and let it guide you to create a fulfilling life?
  • What if you could teach, guide, and create from your heart and soul and actually make a living doing it?
  • What if you had a soulful, practical process to release fear, and were able to show up every day as your most embodied self?
  • What if you had soulful human guides supporting you as you download your own creations?
  • What if you were making money doing what you LOVE? And heard EVERY DAY: Thank you! Thank you for your work in the world!

I know it’s possible because I am a living example of it and so are the guides I have chosen for this program!