Fr. Flavio Moy, CRP

Fr. Flavio Moy, CRP

Shaman & Master Energy Healer

Shamanic initiation-Peru, Certified Reiki Master (Sekhem Heka). Master Energy Healer, Initiated in two Mystical Schools-Egypt. Alchemy Practitioner, Indoctrinated Gnostic Disciple, Ordained Spiritual Counselor. Certified Energy Life Coach, Member of the American Counseling Association.

Mother Nature is in absolute Harmony at all times and You can be as well!

Any negativity in your Life can be wiped out by restoring Balance. Your Life Experience, Mind, Body and Soul are interconnected. There is no condition or situation that can be happening in your Life (your Field) without the allowing of your Soul. I work at this level, and together we bring your physical life and Soul’s Path back into Harmony and Oneness.