Tamala Baldwin

Tamala Baldwin

Unleash Your Magnificence And Create With The Power Of Love

If you ever notice someone randomly breaking out into a happy dance around the streets of New York City with a huge twinkle in her eye and a gigantic smile across her face, chances are you have spotted Motivational Speaker, Multi-Media Producer, and CEO of Innovate Your Brand, Tamala Baldwin, MBA. Tamala has such infectious energy that her presentations are always entertaining, engaging, inspiring and fun.

Tamala has had the opportunity to speak to audiences at national conventions, large and small conferences, association meetings and everything else in between. She thrives on building powerful connections which is why her presentations are highly interactive infusing a wide variety of life affirming moments for an all-inclusive audience participation experience. The best way to bring about change is to take action and there is no time like the immediate now. When Tamala speaks, you can guarantee that every single person in the audience walks away with tools and resources to bring about a shift right away. She speaks from the experience of having been there and done that and it is her mission in life to help as many as she can realize their magnificence.
Tamala is armed with her MBA, with a focus in Media Management and a BA in Communications and Business Administration. In 2011, she launched the award-winning Soul Kisses TV, a multi-media platform designed to encourage excellence of mind, body, and spirit in order to create the highest versions of life that one can imagine through various motivational content. Tamala is the author of Limitless In Possibility. This book offers practical steps to peeling away the layers of past hurts, obstacles, and circumstance and finding joy in the truth of who we truly are. Tamala is currently focused on growing Innovate Your Brand, a marketing company based in New York that focuses on branding your VISION. She believes that we are born to create something magnificent in our lifetime and that we can align our purpose with business.

As a humble servant, she has a gift for storytelling and creating strategic partnerships that enables her to offer solutions, along with options for people to get started on their path right where they are now.

“I would travel the world to see Tamala once again.” Benefsha, Australia.